Pics from Natto Fans!

I have received pics from fellow Natto Fans around the globe and I will be posting them here. Please send me a message on the "Contact Me" to the right side of the page. Thank you all for stopping by! 


From Emily. Thank you for the pics. Keep rocking!


From Mark in Brisbane, Australia. Natto using home grown Lima beans with "Yuki Sodachi Cho-kotsubu Natto" as a starter. Fermented using a Kuchef Aldi Sous Vide Slowcooker. Very cool stuff! 


Another photo from a Natto Fan! The natto turned out with white fluff. Made with natto starter spore using a light bulb as the heat source in an oven. My guess is that the fermentation temperature was too low.


This one from comes from Ramon in Valencia, Spain. Very cool that he is making mung bean natto as well as soybean natto. Nice threads and a look into his rig. He even made natto the old school way with hay. Thank you sharing Ramon!


Glorious threads from Thomas P. Good job on the effort! Now time to enjoy some tasty natto.



  1. Hi! I am a new natto maker in Alaska, USA. I lo ve seeing all of the different beans used succesfully! I have a question..can natto be made using any beans?

    1. Generally, yes; with various degrees of success.

  2. Hi Natto Dad! I am a second Alaskan about to try making natto according to your method. Here in Fairbanks Alaska I was only able to find soy beans at a Korean grocery store. They also have frozen natto that I will use to inoculate the pressure cooked soy beans. I will be using a Johnson Control A419 temperature controller to provide just the right amount of heat.

    My wife spent two years in Japan where she learned to dislike natto. So I think I’ll have all the natto to myself. I’m making it for the Vitamin K2. I tried natto last week for the first time after I learned about Vitamin K2 and did not find it distasteful. Maybe I’ll become a natto fan too after having it every day. Last month I started making my own kimchi. I’m hoping to become Natto Kimchi Dad.